S.O.N. Ministries (Serving Our Neighbors)

The S.O.N ministiry exsits to connect the church to the local neghborhood. We put on community events to allow people to have an introdcution to the church in non-threatening ways. We know we are called to love our neighbors and we take that calling seriously. Join us at the next S.O.N dinner or community event!

Contact Jackie Scott to get connected.  

Youth Committee


Our young people need mature believers to guide, lead and inspire them. If you care about youth and you want to be part of building the coming future of our church, please reach out. 

Contact Jessica Taylor to get connected.


Children's Committee 

Our children are precious to us and we strive to love each little one in ways that will bring them to a relationship with Chirst. If you have a passion for kids, teaching and serving we would love to connect you with our children's ministry. All volunteers are background checked as we take the safety of our children seriously. 

Contact Ali Shiplet to get connected

Social Committee  


The Social Committee is made up of our resident party people! They love to serve and have the gift of hospitality. Parties, church BBQs, picnics and celebrations are planned and executed by this dynamic team. If you have a heart to serve and the spiritual gift of adminstration, hospitality and love, join the team in this important ministry. 

Contact Barb Richardson to get connected.


Visitation Team

Our visitation team is a spirit filled group of dedicated volunteers that visits those who are sick, struggling, home bound and discouraged. They are consisitent, prayerful and courageous as they step into the places where people are needing hope. These volunteers share the burdens of those in the church that need a word of encouragement and the love of Chirst to be shown. 

Contact Jim and Sandi Zeller to get connected


Music Committee


We love music at Lynchwood Church of God and we have a number of ways to use your musical gifts. We have a large choir quartet, a senior's choir, special music and many musical concerts throughout the year. If you have the gift of music we would love for you to join us. We also need tech savvy people to use their gifts to keep our music sounding great. 

Contact Daniel Ryan to get connected.