Sunday Mornings

9:00 am

Sunday Central 

Come enjoy coffee and fellowship 9 o'clock morning hour each Sunday morning in the gym. Eat a quick breakfast and visit or choose one of our rotating elective courses to deepen your faith and help you engage in God's story. 

Children's Ministers

We love our kiddos and we want to equip parents to minister to their children in their homes. We are passionate about helping you build a foundation of faith for your child in an environment designed to let them be children and experience the love of God. 

Youth Ministries  

 If it has never been harder to be a teenager, it has never been harder to be a parent. We desire to partner with parents, guardians, grandparents and those that influence teens to inspire our young people to find their place in the church. Our youth program focuses on challenging youth to engage their faith and the story God wants to write with them. We teach practical application and connection with scripture so students can make a commitment to Chirst that lasts a lifetime. 

10:15 am Sunday Service

Sundays and Midweek

On rotation through the year


We are offering various activities and courses each year to help believers grow, connect, and serve. These range from parenting courses, to financial classes, college level courses, ministry discovery and application, and more. Check in online or at the Welcome Center for upcoming opportunities.

CORE Elective

This session is designed to help everyone learn and understand the heart of the Gospel Message.  In a 5-week course, you will unpack the building blocks of a Biblical worldview and the centrality of Jesus Christ.  This course is a “must” for anyone who is exploring faith, looking to learn evangelistic skills, or seeking a deeper revelation about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Because this course teaches the foundations of the Gospel, and thus the core of our faith, it is the first requirement necessary for anyone seeking to be involved in ministry service at Lynchwood.

Ladies Book Study

Throughout the year, our adult women come together during the Sunday morning 9 o’clock hour to aid and encourage each other as they explore the practical side of faith through book and led discussion time. This is a great way to connect with other women, and glean from the work of credible Christian authors and teachers. This class is open to all participants. However, if you are not involved yet, look to see when a new study kicks off to get plugged in.

Men’s Bible Study

On Tuesday mornings at 7am, men from the church come together to pray and study the Bible. The study takes the scriptures one book at a time, discussing each chapter along the way. It is an open discussion format that includes multiple pastors with years of experience, knowledge, and wisdom. Come join us to learn, to be challenged, and to be supported in your walk with Christ.