This is my Story

I set out to write my own story

Telling the world my hope and glory

I knew I could get what I wanted one day

So I set out to write my story, my way


At the beginning it was full of delight

But by the middle it was plagued with fright

The depth of my heart held an unsettling bother

As my story revealed, I’m not the right author


So I looked for a story that was better than mine

To discover an author who would help write this time

But others I found were as hopeless as me

For no one had written as I knew it should be

Then one day I read such a story

Of a man who lived the true life of glory

But it wasn’t the story I expected to see

For the writer of this tale was hung on a tree


I thought the next page would be the back cover

But the story I read was of life started over!

This author named Jesus gives stories new meaning

He erases “The End” and writes “The Beginning”


So I surrendered my pen and all of my pages

I laid it before Jesus, the King of the Ages

It is hard to believe what I now clearly see

The author now writes His story through me


My Lion Story

For those who are in Christ, we should always have a "lion's story" to share. A lion story is your testimony, but it is more than when you came to know Christ. It's all the times after that, in which you witnessed the glory of God. When we share what Jesus is currently doing we have essentially, "opened the door and let the lion out." The world can be changed if God's people would open their mouths and ROAR!

"Suppose a number of persons were to take it into their heads that they had to defend a lion... There he is in the cage, and here come all the soldiers of the army to fight for him. Well, I should suggest to them...that they should kindly stand back, and open the door, and let the lion out! I believe that would be the best way of defending him, for he would take care of himself; and the best “apology” for the gospel is to let the gospel out...preach Jesus Christ and him crucified. Let the Lion out..."     -CH. Spurgeon


We've grown up being told that the progression of a story is...Beginning, Middle, End. 

In God's eternal story, there are no endings, only new beginnings!

We are working hard to be brave enough to tell our stories as Christians. They are stories that people need to hear. We believe when you tell your story of new beginnings, others are encouraged, strengthened and given grace. If you have a "lion story", a story of a time God showed up for you, we want to hear it.

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