How To Give

There are several options for giving your tithes and offerings through
Lynchwood Church of God.

Simply place your check or cash in the offering bag when it is passed during any of our regular worship services.

Your check may be mailed to the church at 3818 SE 174th Avenue, Portland, OR 97236.

Use the DONATE NOW button on this page for credit or debit card transactions. You will be asked to create an account (email + password) for future transactions. Your online account may be used for one-time gifts, or you may choose to set up recurring donations. Cost per donation is 3%. You will be given the option to add 3% to your gift in order to cover this cost. (For example, adding the 3% to a $100 gift will make the total charge $103.)

By Text
Donating using text messaging is simple. Using the number 503-966-2310, enter the amount of donation and the fund name, then hit send. (For example, 25 General Fund – means $25 to the General Fund. Other funds include Kitchen Remodel, Missions, Youth Ministry)

The first time you text, you will be prompted to input a payment method. Click on MyProfile to add payment method(s) so any future donations will only take seconds using the saved payment method.

Giving Guidelines

As Christ's church, we are a people who are called to give - not because we are in need, nor because we are in want, but because we have been blessed. In return, may your generosity be a blessing to those who share in the ministry of Lynchwood Church of God.

LCOG encourages anyone choosing to give via credit card to do so only if your giving amount will be paid in full each month without incurring interest or service charges. We do not believe that incurring credit card debt is in accordance with Bible values.

Lynchwood Church of God
is a 501(c)3 organization