Our Church Family

L ink

L.ink = Living Ink — As followers of Christ, we are the living ink with which God is writing His story.

L.ink Table Conversations take place each Sunday following the morning worship service. Join a small group around a table to dig a bit deeper into the sermon you just heard, and share in prayer together.

Think L.ink short-term study groups, covering a variety of topics, are offered throughout the year in home settings.



  • Men's Bible Study — 7:00 AM Tuesdays
  • Ladies' Care Group — 10:00 AM Tuesdays
  • MoMENtum Men's Group — 6:30 PM Tuesdays
  • Koinonia Women's Bible Study — 11:00 AM Fridays
  • Hearts in Friendship Women's Activities

Senior Adults

  • Monthly Luncheons — 2nd Tuesdays
  • Bible Studies
  • Hymn Sings
  • Special outings and events throughout the year

Children's Ministries

  • Sundays - Children's Church and L.ink
  • Annual VBS
  • Summer Camps
  • Fun seasonal activities throughout the year

Youth Ministries

  • Youth L.ink — Sundays
  • Youth Meeting/Activities — 6:30 PM Wednesdays
  • Spring Break Retreat
  • Summer Camps
  • And much more…

Worship Arts

  • Sanctuary Choir
  • Drama
  • Worship Team
  • Technical Crew